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Meet Ta'Niyah, A'Niyah & Ka'Niyah

*PLEASE NOTE: Only families living in Kansas are being considered at this time.*

An amazing and talented threesome, Ta’Niyah, Ka’Niyah and A’Niyah are closely bonded to each to other and need to be adopted by a loving family that understands this special connection.

The oldest is Ta’Niyah, who likes to be on the go and enjoys singing and dancing. She also likes riding her bike, coloring and blowing bubbles. Ta’Niyah has a creative side and likes to draw pictures of people and practice writing her name. She is very smart and is proud of learning to read and tie her shoes. When Ta’Niyah grows up she wants to be a ballerina or a princess — in particular Princess Sophia!

Next is Ka’Niyah, who is very smart as well and is learning new things every day, like her ABCs. She likes to ride her bike and play with her Barbie dolls. Ka’Niyah likes being around her friends and having fun with them. She doesn’t mind helping out with chores.

A’Niyah is a joyful and happy child. She likes playing outside with chalk and bubbles. A’Niyah also likes to swing and ride her tricycle. She really loves being around her big sisters and looks up to them. A’Niyah has a loving and funny personality and is full of life.

All three girls are tremendously caring to each other and wish to be adopted together by a loving family. A family that has time for each of them individually as well as a group would be ideal. A strong, tight-knit, committed family that can offer lots of structure, stability and support is something they need. Only Kansas families are being considered at this time.

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