Meet Steven

Steven loves to fish and be outdoors as much as possible. He is interested in walking through the woods and looking for all of the wiggly and slimy things to use as bait. Steven likes to ride bikes and do many other outdoor activities. He will look through his tackle box all day. He recently used his allowance to buy a tool box! Steven likes to try and put things together, such as easy models. He enjoys feeling helpful and being included.

He would do wonderful with a strong male role model! Steven wants to live in the county and he asked for cowboy boots and a cowboy hat for when he is placed in the country. He also says that he wants to buy a boat some day. His teachers think he’s a great kid and very respectful. Steven is becoming more affectionate and likes to get hugs. He has a good sense of humor and is a very enjoyable kid.

Steven would do best in a home that can provide supervision and structure. Parents will need to be able to recognize Steven’s strengths and resiliency and attend to his emotional needs. If there are children in the home, it would be best if they were older than Steven. It would be best if parents had an understanding of how trauma affects children.


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