Stella, Sylvan, Chevy, and Athena

“I want to be a foster parent. I wouldn’t be strict, but I would be kind to them and sweet.”

– Athena

Meet 14 year-old Stella, 13 year-old Sylvan, 11 year-old Chevy, and 10 year-old Athena! This sibling group of 4 has an incredibly strong bond.

Stella is very sweet and kind, but can be quiet and reserved when first meeting someone. Once she gets to know you she becomes outgoing and a jokester and can be very personable. Some things she enjoys most are reading, shopping, and spending time with friends. She likes to stay busy, but also enjoys time in her room just doing her own thing. Stella is an 8th grade student who usually gets good grades. She has some interest in trying out for basketball. When the weather is nice she enjoys shooting hoops in the yard or going for walks. What she wants most in life is to be in the same adoptive home with her two brothers Sylvan and Chevy and little sister Athena.

Sylvan can be quiet or reserved and enjoys his alone time. He responds best after he is comfortable with people and situations. He will light up and becomes more outgoing and talkative when around his siblings. Sylvan takes care of himself well and is always dressed nicely with his hair neatly combed. He enjoys football, playing cards, reading, doing crossword puzzles, and being outside. At school he is in 7th grade and can be very bright. Sylvan often puts his siblings before himself. He would like a mom and a dad where he and his siblings can be together.

Chevy can be silly and goofy, but also has a shy and reserved side. Chevy is in 6th grade, does well in school, and has several friends there. He is currently in cross country and has played on his school basketball team in the past. Chevy loves animals of all kinds. He likes to play video games, enjoys the outdoors, swimming, and riding bikes. He likes to stay busy. He can be helpful and is motivated by allowance for the extra chores he does. He would like to have a two parent family where he can be with his brother and two sisters. He is a boy who needs time to adjust to new people and situations.

Athena is a bright, out-going and a happy 10 year-old. She is very helpful when it comes to chores and is also very respectful. She is currently in the 5th grade and likes school. She generally gets her work done and on time. With Athena’s out-going personality she makes friends easily and she enjoys spending time with them. She is an animal lover through and through and especially enjoys the cats at her foster home. She enjoys swimming and being outdoors. Athena is currently playing volleyball on her 5th grade volleyball team and enjoys it very much. She would like to be placed in a home where she can have a pet (preferably a cat) and where she can live with her 3 siblings.

*Native American families will be given ICWA placement preference although all home-studied families will be considered.*

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