Meet Skylar

Skylar is a friendly 12-year-old boy. He likes to help and is very affectionate. He responds well to positive support.

Skylar loves Pokémon cards, science tools and building projects. He does not like cheese. Skylar has a hard time at school. This is consistent across the board for him. He has some intellectual impairment and struggles to read which makes school especially challenging. Skylar says he is learning to deal with it, and the school reports have shown a lot of progress in the last few months.

Skylar would prefer a home where there are no siblings. He reports that he has had negative experiences in homes with siblings before. Skylar would prefer it if they had pets. Skylar would prefer a foster situation with a mom and a dad. He would like a very fun-loving family. Skylar responds well to structure and a clear but supportive environment.​

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