Meet Sirryon & Kamora

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While not so close in age, sisters Kamora and Sirryon are similar in their dynamic personalities and definitely close at heart. Both are natural born leaders that tend to draw in everyone who meets them.

Kamora is friendly and sociable. She’s a bit more introverted than her little sister because she’s had to fulfill a more parental role. The social side of her comes out once she gets to know you. Kamora’s favorite pastime is practicing cheerleading routines and lately she’s also looking forward to getting into gymnastics. Kamora also enjoys playing outdoors and riding her scooter. Her quieter side shines in being creative with art. Kamora is doing well in school. With self-awareness reflected in honesty, Kamora acknowledges that she can be a “talker” in class and that it is a challenge which she is working on to overcome. Kamora shared she has some aspirations to be therapist someday to help kids.

Sirryon is an engaging and vibrant little girl with a wit that will make you smile. She is very sweet and her laughter is contagious. Sirryon enjoys watching cartoons and doing arts and crafts, as well as participating in outdoor activities. Sirryon is focused and loves to mimic her big sister in a lot of ways. Sirryon says that when she grows up, she may just find a job at the happiest place on Earth … you guessed it – Disneyland! She’s also hoping to be able to take gymnastic lessons in the future with her sister.

Both Kamora and Sirryon show an enthusiasm about life and each other, and we’re looking for a loving, permanent family for these sisters. If you sense that your family is one in which these sisters could safely experience many of life’s firsts, contact us. We want to assist in making it come true!


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