Sierra F0101

Sierra loves shopping trips for clothing, shoes and makeup and especially loves “getting her nails done” professionally.

Sierra is a young adult that has a wide variety of interests. She loves arts and crafts of any kind, and enjoys working in a variety of art mediums (paper, paint, markers, etc…) She also loves to be outside and enjoys walking, short hikes and swimming. Sierra can be very social and wants others to like her. She enjoys time with peers and adults. She longs to be loved and accepted for who she is, and for someone to recognize/appreciate her strengths and resiliency. Sierra also loves shopping trips for clothing, shoes and makeup and especially loves ‘getting her nails done’ professionally.

Going to the mall for an outing, and then eating food out in a restaurant would definitely be preferred activities. One minute she may be dressed in tennis shoes and sweats for an outdoor activity, and the next minute she may be putting on all the makeup for a trip to the mall. She definitely has diverse interests. Sierra enjoys school and is usually cooperative with educational efforts. She is currently learning through an online system and completes her assigned work with minimal prompting. She utilizes additional supports to help her to be successful, and will need a parent/s that will be a strong advocate for her in the educational setting.

She is currently in the 10th grade and will need additional years in an academic setting in order to meet her graduation goals. Sierra is looking for a family that will understand that she has a strong emotional connection to her biological family, however, she is very open to having additional loving adults in her life and welcomes their support. She needs a family that understands that she has good days and bad days, and will ‘stick with her’ through the usual growing up pains. If you enjoy a variety of indoor and outdoor activities, and can handle a few hundred trips to the mall, you could be the perfect forever family for Sierra.

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