Meet Sharyn, Aneesha, Adriane, Andrew, & Andre'Anna

Sharyn is an eleven year old girl with a bright personality and a strong wanting for independence. Sharyn excels in a setting that offers a lot of consistency and routine. She enjoys spending time outside, listening to music, and caring for animals. Sharyn is working on her communication with others, learning new ways to express herself when she is feeling upset. She can show some defiance at times, but this is often seen when there is a change in her routine. Sharyn expressed that she is wanting a forever family that has other children and animals in the home!

Aneesha is a nine year old girl with a sweet personality. Aneesha holds a lot of curiosity and is often in a positive mood. She enjoys traveling to different places, attending events and being involved in the community. Aneesha enjoys caring for animals (just like Sharyn) and running outside. Aneesha is still working on her communication skills, learning how to express her own wants and needs to the people around her.

Adriane is a seven year old girl that is incredibly sweet and helpful. Adriane enjoys doing activities outside, whether it be playing sports, swimming, etc. She is always active and having fun, helping her siblings while doing so. Adriane can be shy to individuals she does not know, needing a lot of reassurance and time before feeling comfortable. Adriane is happy and healthy with no major medical concerns.

Andrew is a four year old boy with a ton of energy and a huge smile. Andrew is constantly moving, wanting to be involved in all of the activities that may be happening around him. He enjoys playing with other children around his age, especially his siblings. Andrew enjoys coloring and running. Andrew will need a forever home that can keep up with his energy and make sure he’s busy with a lot of different fun activities!

Andre’Anna is a three year old girl full of sass and charm. Andre’Anna is always moving, playing with toys, wrestling, and running outside. She enjoys watching movies, coloring, and playing with other children her age. Andre’Anna is very shy, not wanting to talk to or be around individuals she does not know. She will need a forever home that has a lot of patience and understanding, giving her the time needed to become comfortable.


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