Meet Sharissa, Brannen, Kianna & Kelcyn

Meet the fabulous 4, Sharissa (age 13), Brannen (age 10), Kianna (age 9) and Kelcyn (age 2).

This close knit group takes care of each other and says “If one goes (to an adoptive home) we all go”.

Sharissa is a bright, sweet, and beautiful older sister who is very protective over her siblings. She loves music and dance.

Brannen is sweet and kind and is very responsible. He would do anything for his siblings. He enjoys being outside playing, riding bikes or playing with neighbor children. He is his foster mom’s biggest helper.

Kianna is a charismatic and spunky girl. She likes to keep everyone on their toes. She loves sports especially, football, basketball and baseball. She is a bit of a tomboy and would rather interact with boys more than girls.

Kelcyn is charming and sweet. He loves to hug and his smile will melt your heart. This group would prefer to stay in the State of South Dakota or a bordering State if it is close to their home reservation.


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