Meet Shamonda

Shamonda is an articulate and intelligent young woman with goals for her future. She is an excellent student and has interest in going to college. She takes pride in doing well in school and following through on completing her goals. Shamonda would like to become a motivational speaker at some point in the future and also has interests in becoming a model, teacher, professional rapper or artist.

She currently hopes to attend a performing arts college and obtain further training in fashion, singing, rapping and acting. Shamonda identifies Yara Shahidi as her role model and describes herself as loyal and analytical. She enjoys being fashionable and likes to do makeup, hair and nails. Shamonda is also gifted in drawing. She enjoys sports and likes to play basketball.

Shamonda is looking for a supportive family that will help her obtain her educational goals and also help her achieve independent living goals such as getting a job, vehicle and bank account.

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