Sha’Tayvia E916

Sha’Tayvia love singing and dancing. Her favorite quote is “Positive vibes bring positive outcomes.”

Sha’Tayvia describes herself as beautiful, smart, and unique and that is a very accurate description! This teen girl enjoys rap and R&B music and singing and dancing are two talents that she likes best. Hanging out with her friends and playing on a cell phone are her favorite pastimes.

Her career aspirations include being a therapist, social worker, foster parent, police officer, or maybe even the President of the United States. Sha’Tayvia is fine with two parents or a single mom. Sha’Tayvia would want a potential adoptive family to know a little about her past and also that she would love to have her own bed.

Sha’Tayvia’s favorite quote is, “Positive vibes bring positive outcomes.” Sha’Tayvia doesn’t let hard things get her down. If you are that special family that can help her continue her optimism and launch into her teen years, please don’t hesitate…Call today!

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