“I want to belong in a family because I don’t want to be in foster care forever…so I’m not alone.”

Serenity is a 14 year old young lady who enjoys drawing, journaling, reading books, listening to music and putting on makeup. She loves to sing and write her own music. She says her friends would describe her as “funny, caring, confident, artistic, capable and very outgoing.” Serenity is very family oriented and really cares about her family and friends. She’s proud of herself for finishing middle school and hopes to be a cosmetologist or interior designer when she grows up. She describes herself as more of a city girl and would like to go to the movies and out to eat with a new family in addition to quality time and game nights at home.

This empathic and friendly teen enjoys helping people feel better. She is helpful, kind, honest, and caring. Serenity would do well in a home where she was the oldest child with younger siblings or the only child. She’d also love to be in a family with pets. Could you be the family Serenity has been looking for?

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