Meet Sean

Sean is a polite and friendly young man who likes YouTube and video games! He has a great big imagination, which he puts to use world-building in Minecraft. Sean’s favorite TV show is “”Yu-Gi-Oh,”” but he has all types of shows that he likes. Sean collects Beyblades, and is eager to show off his collection. One of the things Sean likes most about himself is that he’s funny (we think he’s funny, too). Sean likes football, baseball, and going for walks to the park. He’s a caring young man who is loyal to his friends…especially if they have spaghetti (his favorite meal!).

Sean would do well in either a one-parent home with supports or a two-parent home. It would be best if he were the only or youngest child in the home, so he can get the attention he deserves. Sean does well when he knows what to expect and can trust his caregivers. He will thrive when shown consistency, patience, and understanding. He hopes for a family that does activities together and that will provide him with one-on-one attention. Families must be willing to make a lifelong commitment to Sean, and be prepared to advocate for his educational and emotional needs. Interested families should understand the impact trauma can have on children.


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