Sammy E919

I want people to know that I’m friendly, caring, and easy to get along with.

Sammy is an intelligent young man who is full of life! He’s not crazy about school, but he enjoys reading, math, and science, and he likes doing anything related to science and math. In his free time, Sammy loves playing video games, and he has a Nintendo Switch of his own he likes to play. He also likes playing with Nerf guns and has several that he’s bought with his own money.

Sammy likes being outside doing outdoor activities, especially fishing and hiking, and he enjoys playing sports, especially basketball and football. He also enjoys going out and about, shopping and eating fast food. He likes going to amusement parks, too.

Sammy gets along with other kids, of all ages, and with adults, too. He will do best with an active family who will be active with him doing all the fun things he enjoys. Sammy needs and wants a forever family, and he is very determined to find one.

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