Meet Rose & Jacob

*PLEASE NOTE: Only families living in Kansas are being considered at this time.*

Siblings Elizabeth and Jacob have a close relationship and would like to be adopted together into a family that would provide love, patience and understanding.

Elizabeth, who goes by the name Rose, is an active teenager who likes to swim, play basketball and work out. She also enjoys drawing and painting. Rose’s favorite subject in school is math because she likes working with numbers. She also happens to be very good at math, according to those who know her. She’d like to be a singer or a veterinarian when she grows up. Rose says her brother makes her laugh, and she enjoys watching funny videos. Rose is proud that she’s a big sister, and she works hard to be a good role model for her brother.

Her younger brother Jacob is described as being very kind and loving. Rose says that he’s nice and loyal, and she can talk to him about anything. Jacob enjoys playing video games and building new creations with Legos. He would like to be a video game artist when he’s older. Jacob enjoys different aspects of his classes at school and really enjoys his teachers. If he had to pick a favorite class, it would be science. Jacob would like a loving home where he can be with his sister. He’d love to have pets and a place where he could be outside and do fun activities. He would do best with a strong role model who could model positive behavior.

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