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Rosa and David are a very close Latinx sibling set who wish to be part of a permanent family together. They each have individual strengths that can bring smiles and laughter to any family.

Rosa, born in May 2005, is a teen who is very protective of her brother and almost always put his needs before her own. Rosa is on psychotropic medication and working on earning better grades in school and needs some extra help with her school work. When Rosa is having a hard day she needs space and eventually will talk out her feelings. Like a typical teenager, Rosa enjoys being on her phone and social media, as well as watching Netflix. Rosa self-reports having a “goofy” side, but she also has a sweet side and is open to trying new things. Rosa hasn’t played on a sports team before, but she is interested in learning to play soccer and/or volleyball.

David, born in March of 2013, is a very active and energetic little boy. He likes pets such as cats, dogs, and birds. David struggles when at school and can become aggressive during a temper tantrum. David is on medication and is in therapy to help him develop better coping skills. David has a big heart and loves to help others. He can be very sweet and cares a  lot about his big sister, Rosa. David likes pancakes and Mexican food and his favorite colors are blue and green. He likes baseball and would love to play on a team someday.


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