Meet Rihanna & Rayanne

*Rihanna and Rayanne are Native American youth and Native American families will be given preference; however, all home-studied families are being considered at this time.

Meet sisters 13 year-old Rihanna and 7 year-old Rayanne!

Rihanna is a straight-forward easy-going and happy teen who is in 6th grade. Rihanna does fairly well in school and needs no extra assistance. Rihanna participated in volleyball, basketball and archery this school year. She enjoys riding horses, reading, and being outdoors. She is a typical teen, but also enjoys quiet time in her room. She also enjoys going to the movies with friends, social media, and going to Bible camps.

Rhianna is looking for a family that lives on a farm or ranch. She also has a love for horses. She has a strong interest in her Native American heritage and wants to learn the dances so that she can someday dance at Pow Wows. Her tribal enrollment is pending with the Rosebud Sioux Tribe.

Rayenne is kind, outgoing, and full of energy. She is a 1st grade student and does extremely well in school. Her teacher says she is one of the top students in her class. She was in basketball this past winter and also participated in cheerleading. She loves animals, being outdoors, enjoys playing with her dolls, exploring new places, as well as jumping on the trampoline and riding her bike. She also enjoys coloring and drawing when she cannot be outdoors.

Rayanne really wishes for a family that resides on a farm or ranch where she can be outdoors, and be around animals. She really wishes for a horse. She is Native American and her enrollment is pending with the Rosebud Sioux Tribe. In the future, she would like to learn more about her Native American culture and even try dancing at Pow Wows.

It is important to her and her sister to maintain birth family relationships.


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