Meet Reba

Reba is helpful and outgoing! She enjoys reading, so her favorite times in school are reading and recess. Reba’s favorite books series are “”Diary of a Wimpy Kid”” and “”The Babysitters Club.”” She likes to write short stories and journal. If she could go anywhere in the world, she would want to go to Florida to spend time at the beach and go swimming. Her favorite food is mac and cheese – it’s her “”number one favorite.” Reba wants to live with a family in the country and have lots of animals to help care for.

Reba will thrive in a home with clear, consistent rules and consequences. Reba requires supervision, and boundaries and expectations must be reinforced for her safety and stability. Reba will do best in a family that understands how trauma can affect a child. Reba hopes to have a family who will take trips together to the pool, beach, or Legoland.

Are You Interested?

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