Raiden F0358

“Family means having a relationship with somebody and loving them and being kind to them.”

Please meet Raiden! A fun-loving, energetic young man who loves playing outside, sports, and riding his bike or scooter. Raiden is also very into Sonic and other video games. He likes watching movies and playing with action figures as well. Raiden likes to eat and enjoys eating at McDonald’s and a local burger restaurant in his current hometown. Raiden enjoys listening to music and enjoys pop, rap, and Taylor Swift.

Raiden says he is ready for a permanent family and doesn’t have many requirements for what kind of family he would like. He says he doesn’t mind if they live in the city or the country. Raiden has several friends his age in his current placement and at school. He would do well as an only child or with other children in the home, if he was able to get some one on one time with his parent/parents. On outings with his social workers, he has done very well and is polite with adults. Staff who work with him daily have shared that he is often a good kid, requiring occasional redirection.

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