Meet Quinshell & Chasidy

Chasidy and Quinshell are hoping to find a family that is able and willing to adopt them together or allow them to have continued ongoing contact.

Chasidy is a creative and funny 13 year old young lady. She enjoys doing hair, dancing, playing video games, listening to music, and taking walks. She is really looking forward to being able to go on outings again and hanging out with her friends. Chasidy makes friends easily, has good insight as to how her responses impact situations, and does well with taking responsibly. She is looking forward to being in her forever family, who she hopes will be patient, supportive, and willing to give her time to learn to trust them

Quinshell is a vibrant 15 year old. She is described as a social butterfly and likes to go out with her friends. She enjoys watching Netflix, getting her nails done, and dancing. She is very smart, personable, and enjoys attending school. In her free time, Quinshell likes to go shopping and talk with her friends on facetime. Quinshell likes to stay active by going to the rec center, traveling, and going to theme parks but she also enjoys her quiet time at home. Quinshell will definitely lend a hand in the kitchen and does well with keeping her room tidy, organizing, and making her own meals.


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