Preston & Peyton 7865, 7864

Preston wants a family where he is able to stay with his older sister Peyton and a family who will love them.

Please note only families living in Kansas are being considered at this time.

Brother and sister, together as friends, ready to face whatever life sends. Peyton and Preston are sister and brother looking for a forever family together. Peyton is very nurturing to younger children. She enjoys being around animals and loves taking care of them. She is helpful with household cleaning and organizing. In her free time, she enjoys watching TikTok and YouTube videos. She also enjoys doing activities outside. Currently, Peyton is most interested in debate and volleyball. In the future, Peyton would like to do something with animals or maybe politics. Peyton says that she works hard to be the best person she can be. She would like to have a family that has animals, preferably be the oldest child, and mostly, she would like to be with a family where she can be treated maturely. Preston is very affectionate, caring, loving, and always willing to help. One thing that Preston wants most, is for everyone around him to be happy. Preston can also be a little daredevil and likes adventure. He enjoys playing outside, playing with other children, and playing video games. A couple of his favorite things about school are recess and lunch. However, he is good at reading as well. Preston enjoys making other people laugh by telling jokes or being funny. Preston is most proud of how well he does in school and he works hard to be good. Preston wants a family where he is able to stay with his older sister, and a family who will love them. He would do well with a family that has other children.

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