Meet Peyton

Animal loving teen, Peyton, enjoys taking care of animals because he feels like he can bond with them and they can help him relieve stress. He wishes to have a pet of his own one day to take care of. One of Peyton’s biggest hobbies is collecting rare and foreign coins and money. He is proud of his collection and is excited to continue building it. Another interest of Peyton’s is learning about cars and working on them. Peyton loves to help others and he is polite to other people. He gets along well with other children. Peyton’s favorite class in school is gym because of the games they play. He also enjoys learning about history. When he grows up, Peyton wants to join the military or become a law enforcement officer. Peyton is looking for a ‘forever family’ who is nice, patient, and understands trauma. He would like to be able to do activities together as a family, spend time outside, and he would like the family to have pets. Peyton would do well with other children in the home. He’s eager to learn, so a family who is actively engaged in teaching new things would be great for him as well.

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