Meet Ny'Quon

Ny’Quon describes himself as artistic, smart, nice and confident. He lights up a room with his smile. Ny’Quon does well in
school, and enjoys his teachers and classmates. His favorite moment a: school was the Teacher vs. Students basketball game. He loves sports, especially football and basketball.

His favorite NBA team is the Golden State Warriors and Steph Curry is his favorite NBA player. He wants to play professionally when he grows up. In his own words, Ny’Quon describes himself as a great sports player. Ny’Quon says that he is “too GOATed” (Greatest Of All Time) in both basketball and football. Ny’Quon also enjoys drawing, and has a special sketchbook dedicated to his art. Ny’Quon is very creative, and enjoys building Legos and making art. Ny’Quon also enjoys video games, and loves the game “Road Blocks.” Ny’Quon enjoys spending time with his friends.

He is a very social child, and is open to meeting new people. Ny’Quon is quick to make friends, and loves being active.

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