Noah & Damion

Noah and Damion will be placed together.

An energetic charmer, Noah thrives in the spotlight! This boy enjoys being in the company of others and has a playful demeanor. Playing is always a top priority for Noah, although he isn’t opposed to relaxing on a comfy couch to watch his favorite television programs.

Superheroes have a fan in him, and you won’t meet a bigger feline adorer. Noah has positive relationships with adults, and he has a strong bond with his foster mother. He is in the sixth grade.

This happy child is Damion! An avid reader, he delights in reading fiction. Batman and Spiderman are Damion’s favorite heroes. Like others his age, playing video games and watching YouTube are tried-and-true ways to spend his free time.

Damion is a helpful child who can develop positive relationships with adults and peers. His caseworker remarks, “He loves to be loved.” Damion is in the eighth grade.

Damion and Noah wish to have a family with pets. They will need to remain in contact with their foster parents following placement. We will only accept inquiries on the pair of brothers, as they will be placed together.

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