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Meet Nick

Nicholas is an energetic young man that enjoys being active and having routines. He really enjoys playing basketball, which is currently one of his favorite activities. Nicholas also enjoys riding his bicycle and being outdoors. He likes to do several indoor activities, and some of his favorites include drawing, playing video games, and reading comic books or fantasy type books, such as Rick Riordan. Nicholas likes watching some television, and is a fan of Dragon Ball Z. He prefers action movies and spy movies.

Nicholas is intrigued by technology and always likes to tinker with cell phones, computers, tablets etc. Shopping is also a particularly favorite activity. Nick really likes to make a “fashion statement” with his clothing. He especially loves thrift stores. Nicholas enjoys helping in the kitchen. One of his current favorite foods is chicken gizzards, and he loves sweets. He loves listening to music, and his preference is rap; although more recently he has been listening to country.

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