Meet Neleigh, Zenneth, Zaylen & Zayden

Neleigh is a kind and caring 13 year old who loves her brothers with her whole heart. She is a typical teen girl who likes shopping and music. Although she says she does not like sports she has been on the Volleyball and Basketball teams in her school. Neleigh loves school and is proud that she gets good grades.

Zenneth is a fun loving and reserved 9 year old with tons of energy. This laid back boy seems to enjoy any type of activity. He is described as a boy who “goes with the flow”. Zenneth also does well in school and his grades are good.

Zaylen is a goofy and talkative 7 year old who really loves to be around adults. He always maintains a very good attitude when it comes to his physical limitations. He will win you over with his great smile. He is very connected to his twin Zayden and always enjoys spending time with all of his siblings.

Quick witted Zayden, age 7, loves to tell jokes. He is the Jokester in this sibling group. He loves being with his twin and is very energetic. Both boys love being outside to burn their energy.

They enjoy school and like to play with their friends. This sibling group will need to be placed together and they would prefer to remain in South Dakota where they can maintain their birth family connections.


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