Meet Nehemiah & Josiah

Nehemiah is a cool teenager who loves to laugh! Sometimes you’ll be hanging out and he’ll just start laughing at something he thought of and it’s hard not to join in! He’s got a big smile that just makes you want to smile right along with him. He loves the water and if you take him to the pool or water park, you better believe he’s going to make the most of it! He’d hang out there all day if he could. Nehemiah really just enjoys doing anything outdoors or going to places he’s never been before — getting to explore is his favorite thing to do!

Josiah is a young guy with a lot of eclectic tastes! He’ll talk to you about history, science, video games…all sorts of fun stuff! He knows all about video games and how they’re made; he even hopes to one day go to school to become a graphic designer so he can work on all the different games he loves. Josiah also likes board games and if you want a challenge, definitely play a game of Monopoly with him. Be careful though, he can be ruthless when it comes to Boardwalk and Park Place!

Nehemiah and Josiah would do best in a two-parent home without other children so they get plenty of attention. They will thrive in a home that provides structure and stability with parents who support their various hobbies and interests. They both like to be active so parents who can keep up are ideal. Parents need to be willing to make education a priority. Interested families should understand the impact trauma can have on children.


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