Nathan & Jonathan LAC1053, LAC1054

Nathan and Jonathan are terrific brothers who want to stay together with a family who will give them unconditional love and support.

Let’s talk about these two – and what they could do together, growing up as part of one adoptive family! We’ll start with Nathan before getting to younger brother Jonathan

Nathan (born January 2012) is a bright and friendly who gets along with just about everyone. He is playful and plays well with other children. Nathan is typically well behaved at home and at school, but at times he does get angry and is trying to put to use the techniques he has learned in therapy to express his feelings in appropriate ways. He is very helpful around the house and with his chores and does his bed every morning without being told. Nathan likes playing sports, with basketball being his favorite – followed by football. He recently received a guitar as a gift and he is enjoying learning how to play it. Nathan also enjoys reading and playing with his brother. Jonathan tends to play rough at times with his brother which can cause things to escalate beyond just the usual sibling rivalry. Nathan has a healthy appetite and his favorite foods are Mexican enchiladas, tamales and fried fish. Nathan hasn’t given much thought to what he would like to do when he grows up and added that he is still years away from being an adult.

Jonathan (born August 2013) is quiet and easygoing. He enjoys playing with other children – including his brother – as he is a very sociable child. Jonathan attends the Boys and Girls Club for the after-school program where he gets to play and gets tutoring if need be. He also enjoys playing outside or at the park. At home Jonathan enjoys pulling out a drawing pad and drawing what comes to mind or playing on his preferred gaming system, the Nintendo Switch. Jonathan is a healthy eater and – like his brother – he also likes Mexican food, but he also can’t say no to pizza and hamburgers. Jonathan enjoys going to school and is doing well academically, with his favorite subject being Math.

These two terrific brothers need a forever family that will raise them together and provide them unconditionally love and support throughout their lives. If these two seem like a good fit for you, let us know – we want to get these two set towards their future!

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