“I would like to go to the lake with my family... When I get my adoptive home I want dogs and cats and a big house.” -Mizayha

Meet 11 year-old Mizayha! Mizayha is talkative and personable and really enjoys adult attention. She is described as very bright and will be in 6th grade in the fall. She loves being outdoors, riding her bike, boating, and swimming with her foster family. Mizayha is very passionate about horses, puppies and kitties. She is also athletic and enjoys cheerleading and gymnastics.

Mizayha will do best with a two parent family as the youngest child with older siblings who would be good role models for her. She would like an active family who will include her in their activities.

*ICWA families will be given preference at this time, but all home studied families will be considered.

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