Meet Miguel & Jesus

Miguel and Jesus are helpful Hispanic brothers who get along well with others and enjoy spending time with family and friends. Both, who are good students at school, also enjoy playing video games and playing and watching sports, especially football, basketball and soccer.

Miguel’s favorite team is the Falcons while Jesus likes the Lakers. Future police officer Miguel, born in 2004, is a thoughtful young man who takes his role as an older brother seriously. He enjoys learning and experiencing new things, going on walks, drawing, and collecting drawings and paintings to hang in his room. Miguel also enjoys watching animated TV shows and movies like ‘SpongeBob SquarePants’, listening to rap and Hispanic music, and playing board games like ‘Jumanji’. After he graduates from high school, Miguel looks forward to going to college and majoring in criminal justice.

Jesus, born in 2005, is an honest and caring teen who loves to travel, especially to a beach or amusement park, and is interested in fashion (Air Jordans are a favorite). He also enjoys movie nights, watching action movies and YouTube videos, playing ‘Sorry!’, and listening to rap music. At school, where he earns good grades, Jesus’ favorite subject is math. After he graduates from high school, Jesus would like to play a sport professionally. To help them continue to thrive and reach their goals, Miguel and Jesus need a loving adoptive family who will give them the attention, support, encouragement, structure and support they need.

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