Meet Michelle

Michelle is a young lady with a special love for animals, particularly cats and dogs. She also loves monkeys. She likes to watch the monkeys at the zoo. She enjoys creative projects such as painting and coloring, and she is also fascinated with extreme weather patterns. Michelle enjoys painting her nails, putting on makeup, watching movies, completing word search puzzles, and cheer-leading. Michelle is a good swimmer. She loves to swim and be outdoors. Michelle is a bookworm and loves books that are full of drama or fairy tales. She can finish a chapter book within a few days! Michelle is picky with her food, but she knows what she likes. Michelle’s favorite color is purple. She hopes to become an actress one day. She loves to dress up and pretend. She loves dramas and plays and hopes to be in a play soon. Michelle would thrive in a family that is active and engaged in helping her reach her full potential!



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