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Michael wants a family that will help him thrive and feel that he belongs in the family.

Michael enjoys playing outside, watching television, and trying new things. In his free time, Michael enjoys designing and building things. He loves to color and shade so he would love the opportunity to take art classes. Some of Michael’s other favorite activities include climbing, reading, and playing sports. He would love the opportunity to play football one day. Michael’s favorite book is The Giver and he likes Hatchet as well as Twilight Saga. Michael also likes Manga style books. Some of his favorite type of TV shows are action, adventure, and sci-fi. When asked if he could have three wishes, Michael said he’d like “to be the smartest person, own my own business, and give back to those in need.” When asked what he’d love to do when he grows up, Michael said he’d like to play football or UFC or be an engineer due to his love of building and creating.

Michael is a loving, caring and compassionate youth. He has big dreams and expresses his future in a positive light. Michael has many skills with building things and loves to give detailed information about how things work, how they are built, and their historical meanings. His knowledge of animals and insects has always been an interest to him. Michael enjoys self-entertaining activities; he can spend hours building Legos and playing with toys that are self-managed. Other peers and adults that know Michael say he has a big heart, he is protective of others’ feelings, and he has a contagious smile.

Michael needs a family that will love and support him unconditionally. He wants a family that enjoys spending time with him, encourages him, and who will provide a forever home for him. Michael wants a family that will help him thrive and feel that he belongs in the family. Michael likes to be given attention and experience new adventures. Michael needs a family that will be patient, fun, and allow him to feel special.

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