Michael F0382

“I’d describe a family as people that love and care about you.”

Michael’s most common outfit is jeans, a t-shirt, and boots or sneakers. He presents as shy, and will often just smile and duck his head when you try to talk to him. After Michael warms up to you, he is quite talkative. He has a lot of energy. One of his life goals is to become a professional fisherman. So, of course that’s his favorite hobby. On days with nice weather, he goes as often as he gets the chance. He said that he’ll fish anywhere including a creek, a river, or a lake. He’s not sure about fishing in the ocean though, as he went to South Carolina once and was almost bit by a shark! He said on nice weather days he also likes to be outside riding dirt bikes and 4 wheelers.

If the weather is challenging, he enjoys staying inside and practicing on his guitar, playing on his phone or electronic games. Michael said that if he gets the chance to travel he’d like to go to TN, so he can meet some country singers like Chris Stapleton, or Jason Aldean. When asked what makes him laugh, he said just about everything. When asked what he’d like to do while hanging out with friends, he said playing basketball at the park and playing video games.

He has a healthy appetite and says that mac-n-cheese is his favorite food. Michael helps out with chores at home by packing in firewood (which is his least favorite), picking up around the house, sweeping, and mopping. He said that Christmas is his favorite holiday and that he likes gifts and all the food. He said that one of his greatest accomplishments is beating fortnight on a Nintendo switch. He said that if someone came into his room and looked around, they would quickly discover that he keeps it neat, and that he likes shoes, guitars, and fishing. When asked what he wants others to know about him, he likes to stay busy. He described his perfect family as having a couple other kids, a mom and dad, and living on a farm with animals.

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