Meet Mia & Ruby

Mia and Ruby can turn almost anything into a work of art! Sculptures, drawings, paintings, you name it: Mia has done it, because she’s super creative. Ruby is craftier, and enjoys sewing, crocheting, and drawing.

Both Mia and Ruby like to stay active. Mia likes running, swimming, and gymnastics. A good day for Ruby is spent outdoors hiking, camping, and playing at the park. These sisters also adore animals, and Ruby hopes to have her own cat. Mia is no stranger to the country and has experience working with horses and has enjoyed it.

Mia can be slow to warm up to new people, but thrives where there is lots of encouragement and positivity. Once she gets to know you, Mia is a talkative girl who is eager to please. She has a dry sense of humor, and loves to try to make you laugh!

Ruby is finding her voice, and is willing to advocate for herself. She craves the spotlight, and likes to spend time with others. Ruby can be so silly, and loves a life full of singing, dancing, and laughter!

Mia and Ruby’s biggest wish is to have a family where they can be happy. Mia and Ruby need a family that cares, understands of trauma and how it can affect children. It would be best if the parent(s) had some form of trauma informed care training. They’ll need a family that is calm, patient, and accepting, but has clear expectations.


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