Meet Mia

Sweet and wonderful are just two of the words that come up when describing Mia! She enjoys spending time outside, hiking and going on walks. An animal lover, Mia loves to be around animals of all kinds, but especially dogs and cats. Mia would love to be adopted by a family with pets. Mia enjoys science at school because she likes learning new things about the earth and animals. When she grows ?up, she hopes to become a nurse or veterinarian. Mia is an artist as well and likes to express herself through her creativity. In her free time, she also enjoys baking, bowling and swimming. When it is time to unwind, Mia likes to listen to music, draw, read, or watch anime. Mia would thrive in a patient and loving two parent home with at least one other child. If you are interested in learning more about Mia, please let us know!

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