Meet Maxwell "Lou"

Lou is a creative young man who enjoys using his imagination. Some of Lou’s favorite things to do are arts and crafts projects and sports. His favorite sports include football, basketball, golf and tennis. Lou also likes playing video and board games such as Monopoly, Minecraft, Grand Theft Auto, Legos and Charlotte’s Web.

Lou likes spending time together with family and playing games or doing activities together. He also appreciates spending time outdoors or exploring in the woods and building structures.

Lou likes watching television and/or movies, particularly animated or scary movies. Some of his favoriteĀ  shows/movies include Spongebob, IT, and Toy Story 4. Lou likes to sing and listen to music, primarily country music and some rap. He likes going to church as well as celebrating holidays. Lou also enjoys cleaning and completes his chores with excellence. Lou is a resilient young man who is ready for his forever family!

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