Meet Marty, Preston, Trevor & Olivia

Marty, Preston, Trevor and Olivia are close siblings who want a forever family. They would like a family that will provide them with attention, support, encouragement, and a nurturing environment.

Marty is the oldest sibling, and he is very protective of his younger siblings. He is a resilient and respectful young man with a charming smile. Marty loves to play video games both with his siblings and by himself. He loves electronic devices and is very knowledgeable about different electronics.

Preston is the second sibling, and he is a very talkative and outgoing young man. He also loves playing video games, but he prefers to play them alone. Preston enjoys riding his bicycle and being outside.

Trevor is the third sibling, and he loves spending time with his siblings and playing video games. Trevor is very friendly and loves to hold conversations with everyone. He is outgoing and makes friends easily. Trevor enjoys outdoor activities such as baseball and soccer.

Olivia is the youngest sibling. She is a sweet and adorable young girl. She loves playing inside and outside. She likes to ride her bicycle and play video games with her brothers. She also enjoys playing with her dolls and playing board games.


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