Marshall “Dom” E883

“If I had to belong in a family, I would want to at least have somebody who cares and doesn’t leave me.”

Marshall “Dom” is a charming young man with a bright smile. He loves playing basketball, and that is often his favorite part of the day. He has played on several teams in the past and really enjoys it. He also enjoys doing outdoor activities such as fishing and riding ATVs. Dom would really like to attend a summer camp with fun activities and other kids his age someday.

Life has dealt many disappointments to him, but he remains hopeful for what the future holds for him. Dom needs consistency and someone who he can trust and depend on. A sense of stability, permanency, and belonging would benefit him greatly. Dom has lived in homes with other children and has done well with them overall. He would do best with some extra one-on-one attention in a home setting as well. He would also do well as an only child if he had other outlets to be around friends his age.

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