Meet Marquel & Jarkies

Jarkies is a happy and outgoing boy. He is very active and is always busy doing something. He has a good relationship with peers. He likes to help around the house such as cleaning his room, folding his clothes or cleaning up the table after meals.

He loves art and can spend a good period of time just drawing whatever he envisions in his mind. He also enjoys building things with LEGOs and playing video games on the phone. He is doing well in school academically. His favorite subject is Math. He often writes for pleasure. Jarkies utilizes counseling services. Jarkies reportedly responds well to redirection.

Marquel is very playful and energetic. He loves to have fun. Marquel enjoys spending times with his friends. He enjoys going swimming, riding his bike and playing video games. He also likes to do coloring, drawing and building things out of LEGOs. Like his brother, he likes to keep his room tidy. He enjoys going to school although he needs extra help.

Jarkies was born in 2010 and Marquel in 2013. They are not residing together at this time but have weekly visits which they both look forward to having. If you would like to adopt Jarkies and Marquel, please contact Los Angeles County Depart of Children and Family Services.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the child(ren)’s needs, the adoption matching coordinator will only consider families approved within the state of California. We appreciate your understanding.


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