“I like to help other people.”

Marlaysia is a bubbly young lady with a beautiful smile! She enjoys coloring and drawing, watching movies, dancing, singing, and going to the pool. Although a bit reserved initially, Marlaysia is very personable and will open up once comfortable. She has dreams to go to college and become a nurse. She does well in school and attends a standard public school. She is very open to learning new things and having new experiences with a family, particularly traveling. Marlaysia loves Tik-Tok dancing and likes ASMR (autonomous sensory meridian response) videos and ‘mukbang’ videos (or videos where a person eats different foods). The best family for her would be upbeat, social, and able to help her maintain healthy boundaries as a growing teen. Marlyasia enjoys the beach and would like to relax there with her new family. Could this family be you?

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