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Meet Mark

Mark is an energetic young man with a very positive outlook on life. He loves building with Legos, doing puzzles and playing with Hot Wheels tracks and cars. He enjoys playing video games like Minecraft and Zelda. Mark says that he really likes role-play video games where he gets to be active in the games and on an Adventure. He likes Disney movies like Cars, and enjoys playing with remote control cars, too. Mark enjoys rap music, and he also says he loves the Baby Shark song. Mark loves sports like basketball, softball, and baseball; and he has a good arm! His favorite foods are pizza and cake, and he dislikes fish and most vegetables. Mark says he would enjoy a home with pets, especially little dogs, and that he wants his home to be calm and quiet. He reports that he is not very interested in attending church as he feels it can get loud and it makes him uncomfortable. Mark is a very upbeat child and is very cheerful. He would like a family that is upbeat as well, and can be active with him.

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