Meet Marianna

Marianna is a teenager that loves arts and crafts and animals. She also loves a wide variety of music, however, her greatest love is playing video games. She has a much loved X-Box. Marianna is very laid back with regard to clothing, and loves comfortable t-shirts, sweatshirts and casual clothing the majority of the time.

Marianna needs additional support in school due to a lot of school and educational changes. Her current educational setting has been very supportive of her, helping her to meet her educational goals, and she expects to be back on age level prior to leaving her current placement

Marianna has experienced a huge amount of grief and loss in her life due to the death of her primary parent. She is looking for a family that will understand that she has a strong emotional connection to her biological family, and that will not expect her to call her foster/adoptive parents ‘Mom’ and ‘Dad’ right away. She understands that she needs supportive adults in her life, however, she also maintains a strong attachment to her biological mother’s memory.

Marianna has a strong interest in animals and especially loves dogs and horses. In a previous placement, she attended a school that taught horseback riding and she loved participating in this activity, and learning about the care of horses and animals. She is interested in a possible career with animals, and also possible careers in the medical field. This young lady needs a sense of permanency and stability, and a family that is willing to work with her through both the positive and difficult challenges that teens face, as she continues to grieve the loss of her biological family.

She needs a family that understands that she has good days and bad days. Are you the forever family for Marianna?

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