Marcus – TN01-64254939

Some of Marcus’s favorite things are playing video games, sports and music.

Marcus is a good listener and has a great sense of humor. Some of his favorite things are playing video games, sports and music. He loves animals and other children. He would like to have siblings his own age in the home. He likes having responsibility and wants the opportunity to be an active participant in a family unit. Marcus would like a family that can help him with his reading skills and encourage him to continue his education beyond high school.

Marcus dreams of having a mother and a father. He would like to have a family that he can connect with and that share his values in life. Marcus stated that he has never had a family that gave him praise, and he would like to have parents who would be proud of him. He wants his parents to be fair and loving and to include him. He would like for his family to be playful, active and lighthearted. Marcus says it is important to him how a family approaches him and would like for them to consider his feelings. TN01-64254939

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