Meet Marcos

Meet Marcos, a joyful and endearing 13 year old!

Marcos was born in March 2006 and is a 7th grader for the 2019-2020 school year. His favorite subjects are math, PE, and science. Marcos is a curious child who would like to learn more about baking, building, and biking. He enjoys sports, fishing, being outside, baking desserts, and having time by himself. Marcos shared he is good at creating things, is funny, helpful, and kind.

Marcos can be quiet and talkative, depending on the relationship with him and how well he knows you. He has a friendly and playful personality. In Marcos’ words, “I hope to be with a good family.” Marcos is a child who is resilient, has worked hard on his treatment goals, and is capable of building positive relationship with others.

A family who has knowledge of trauma and its impact on children would be needed for Marcos. He will do best in a family with strong structure and consistent rules and routines. A family will need to be willing to participate in a transition plan with Marcos. Marcos has siblings he will need to maintain contact with as they are very important to him.

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