Meet Marcellous & Shaidale

Marcellous and Shaidale are well-behaved and helpful African American/Caucasian brothers who enjoy spending time with others, going to the park and learning about math at school.

Marcellous, born in 2006, is a loveable, respectful, well-mannered and sociable teen who loves to share with others. He enjoys playing with his toys and electronics, bowling, and playing Beyblades, ‘Monopoly’, and video games. Marcellous also enjoys playing football and basketball, listening to rap music, having a barbecue, and watching ‘Dragon Ball Z’, ‘Tom and Jerry’, wrestling matches, and football games, especially when the Falcons are playing. Marcellous looks forward to going to college, playing football and possibly becoming a policeman when he grows up.

Shaidale, born in 2008, loves to be with his peers, play outside, ride his bike, play soccer, and participate in activities, in general, especially those where he can be the leader. He also enjoys eating snacks and sweets, playing video games and with kinetic sand, listening to any kind of music, and watching ‘SpongeBob SquarePants’ and ‘Bolt’.

Marcellous and Shaidale need a loving adoptive family who will give them the attention, support, encouragement, structure and nurturing environment they need to continue to thrive and reach their goals. Their family will also need to support their desire to maintain their relationships with their siblings who have been planned for separately.


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