Meet Maniyah

Maniyah is a happy and giggly 4 year old. She loves bath time, playing in the water in the summer, toys with strings or tags, and watching Sesame Street. She loves bright colors, music, and dancing. Once she gets to know you, her face lights up when she sees you and she dances around in her chair from excitement.

She is diagnosed with Angelman Syndrome and has several medical appointments monthly. She wears braces on her legs and can walk with assistance. She is nonverbal but can express herself through her actions or with noises. She is bonded with her caregiver and will require a slow transition into her forever family.

A family that has the flexibility to attend multiple appointments monthly is a must. Maniyah will also need lifelong care. Maniyah is still visiting with birth mother so continued visits and contact would be in her best interest post adoption.


On Hold means

The Department of HR is not actively recruiting for the child at this time