Malychi – TN01-9418470

Malychi would enjoy a family that is musically minded and supportive of his individuality.

Malychi is an intelligent young person with an engaging personality. He is supportive and loyal to those he cares about. He is described as having a great sense of humor and very articulate in his communication style. Malychi is talented musically and loves to sing, dance, write songs and play a variety of instruments such as recorder, African drum, guitar, piano and more recently learning how to play violin.

Malychi also enjoys crocheting, drawing, voice acting, and playing video games. He likes to read books such as the Tokyo Ghoul or Bungo Stray Dogs. Malychi especially likes Japanese anime. His favorite music genres are K-Pop, J-Pop and alternative. His favorite foods include sushi, ramen, cooked salmon and Subway sandwiches. Malychi also likes animals. He would enjoy a family that is musically minded and is supportive of his individuality. TN01-9418470

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