Makaylynn “MK” F0193

“More than anything, I’m just really kind.”

Meet Makaylynn! If you’re wondering how to say his first name, don’t worry because he is just fine with being called MK for short. If you’re reading MK’s profile, then you have stumbled upon one of the most magnificent young men who is currently without an adoptive home. Legit! MK has all the mannerisms you would want in a young man. He is courteous, well behaved, and always has a positive outlook on things. He is currently employed and knows the value of hard work and sacrifice.

MK has big dreams for his future and could use somebody or someone’s to help him achieve those goals. Could that be you? MK enjoys music, creative writing, and aspires to go to college after graduation. MK however, is not just limiting himself to college, as he has career goals to go well past a college education.

You might be wondering what you could offer MK as he seems to be the total package. That’s easy, he needs you! Someone to be there for him when he undoubtedly has setbacks, and hardships. He will need a family to be supportive and give him a home to come to on holidays and celebrate those milestones with that he most certainly will have too! What good are accomplishments if you don’t have a family to showcase them too right? So don’t delay, MK is waiting.

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