Makayla “Camden” TN01-25510417

Camden plays the trumpet and wants to learn to play the guitar.

Camden is described as strong-willed, smart, creative, and resilient. He is outgoing and makes friends easily. He also has a great sense of humor. Camden loves to eat seafood, including shellfish and crabs. He also likes chicken, steak, potato soup, spaghetti, salad, chili, beef stew. Camden is interested in art and loves to draw and paint. He is also active and likes to play baseball and basketball. Camden’s interests include listening to music, with rap being his favorite genre. In addition to listening to music, Camden plays the trumpet and wants to learn to play the guitar. He also writes his own songs, as well. Camden will advocate for himself and is able to express his needs. Camden needs a forever family that will provide structure but be flexible, when needed. Family composition is not important to Camden, although he would love to have siblings. Camden also does not care if his forever family is in a rural or urban setting, as long as his parents are loving and supportive.

The team is only accepting inquiries from families in Tennessee, at the youth’s request.

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