Makayla and Myangel

Makayla loves being outside and enjoys being the youngest in the family!

Myangel wants to have 50 cats when she grows up!

Makayla is an energetic, outgoing, and friendly ten-year old. She has a variety of hobbies including baking and building with Legos. She loves “mini brands” and a variety of different “fidget” toys–her favorite types of fidgets are those that are like stress balls. Makayla loves animals and frequently discusses animals with her social worker. Makayla would thoroughly enjoy being in a home with a pet. She is a hard worker, and has worked hard with her tutor and her therapist for support in academic and personal areas of her life. Makayla attended summer camp last year and had a wonderful time and made friends. She shared that she would like to become a camp counselor someday. Makayla loves being outside! This silly, expressive, and high-energy young lady says some of her favorite things are McDonalds, SuperPets, Michael Jackson music, candy, dill pickles, animals, and the color black. Makayla has remained placed with her older sister, Myangel, and they would ideally remain together when adopted. She enjoys being the youngest in the family.

Myangel is a smart, mature thirteen-year-old. She enjoys a variety of hobbies including drawing, building with Lego sets, watching Youtube videos, and ziplining. She is excelling in school and is an honor roll student. She enjoys learning about animals and says cats, ferrets, and puppies make her happy. Myangel is a morning person and gets up before her alarm clock every day. She is not an outdoorsy person due to the bugs and instead enjoys doing activities inside. Some of her favorite things are: pizza, cake, rainbow and pastel colors, Pixar and Disney movies, and Cardi B and Lady Gaga music. Myangel can be quiet and reserved at first, as she takes some time to open up. When she does open up, she has a great sense of humor! Myangel is very responsible and perceptive, and frequently helps support and encourage her sister. Myangel thinks about her future and plans to go to college someday.

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