Maddie TN01-4939188

Maddie is also quite social and enjoys being with others.

Maddie is a creative and artistic young lady. She is also quite social and enjoys being with others as well as hanging out with friends. She loves to help others in need. Maddie likes to draw, sing, work with her cosmetology mannequin and crochet. Maddie also likes reading and writing. She likes listening to music such as Hip Hop and R&B. She has enjoyed being able to go to the trampoline park.

Maddie enjoys shopping and getting hair and nails done. She has also enjoyed going to church. In the past, she loved spending time with her pet birds. Maddie loves animals in general and hopes to have a forever family with some pets. She likes living in country type settings, but is open to living in most areas as long as she can remain close to Tennessee. Maddie would enjoy being an older sister, and would love a family that likes to do things regularly.

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